From the Punter Trenches (18 Jan 2018)


By Tanya Rawat

Cryptocurrencies saw a swing back up after Bitcoin breached $10k levels. While Ripple, Bitcoin and Ethereum are up, ETNs based on the latter two have seen a massive move of 20% and above. Today, we will see the first two ETFs to start trading based on block chain technology named BLOK and BLCN respectively.

Gold still languishing at $1330/oz levels, while the Euro is markedly stronger today at 1.2246 handle as is Japanese Yen at 111 levels. Dollar still remains strong on the heels of strong Industrial Production numbers showing that hard data indicates that the economy is still purring on. FTSE continued to get smacked on a stronger pound, while an upswing in 10 yr UK Gilts saw homebuilders getting a hammering while Insurers continued their steady uptrend. DAX continued to hum ahead, shrugging off Euro strength with Autos still leading the charge. US 10Y Treasury yield breached 2.60 and here is testing a strong quarterly and monthly downtrend resistance level.

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